Dr. Maritza Montano, Ph.D. is excited to announce the launch of her first book, Meant to Last Together. This book will Meant to Last Together will transform your view in your quest to have or hold on to your mate as well as exploring your strength and vulnerabilities. It helps you discover your partner’s personality traits, including psychological issues and behaviors, that affect you and your relationship. It will open the door to an opportunity to enjoy a love that is Meant to Last Together, regardless of the sexual inclination. The goal is to stay in a healthy relationship by allowing your true self to experience the real challenges and happiness in a quest to stay in a strong relationship that will not fade. Meant to Last Together will help you and your partner explore and confront the issues and obstacles in a relationship. The official launch date for Meant to Last Together  will be announced soon.

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Maritza Montano, M.S., Ph.D.

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I have a passion for what I do. I feel challenged by my clients daily. My profession is full of rewards specially when I see my clients making progress. There is a great reward in my work. I see the transformation of so many people. I enjoy giving them hope when they thought that their life was never going to change. Making a difference is my biggest reward. The most important part in choosing a therapist is finding out the therapist personal integrity and experience. A therapist that is non judgmental and caring, dedicated to their clients and sensitive to their needs.

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​​Alternatives Counseling Center, Inc.
1390 South Dixie Highway
Suite 1107
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

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Maritza Montano Ph.D.


Call Us:  786-955-5995